Animated Player Mod

Tired of just the blank face of Steve? Or a creepy smile on your current skin? The Animated Player Mod puts these problems to rest. The Animated Player Mod is designed to replace the default animations for Minecraft actions. Replacing the blank, emotionless  face of your character with facial expressions. Some examples include panting while sprinting, or your eyes darting around when looking. The mod also adds joint locations, such as your knees and elbows. The mod also adds plenty of animations for swimming, bow drawing, horseback riding, and combat against mobs. There is also a toggable file which makes the hats look better. How awesome!


How to install
Click the Start Icon.
Go to C:/Users/(username)/Appdata/roaming/.minecraft
Open bin and you will see minecraft.jar (It may appear only as minecraft).
Open the folder using an archive software (the most popular are 7zip and WinRAR). To do this, right-click on minecraft.jar and hover to the Open With menu.
Copy the class files into this folder. Exit the folder once you have copied the class files.
Certain mods will require you to copy files into other directories.


Animated Player 1.7.2

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