Balkon’s Weapon Mod

Tired of slicing pigs with the same sword one hundred times, or shooting sheep with a plain bow?
How about you throw a spear into the wilderness only to crush a creepers face.
Use a poison dart to kill a pig! Or even use a crossbow to kill a herd of sheep!
Maybe blow up an NPC village with a cannon? Greetings ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the Balkons Weapon Mod!
The one and only Balkons Weapons Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds loads of new weapons into your Minecraft that allows you to annihilate yours enemies in an abounding amount of ways! Whether its smacking a pig with your bayonet or using a blunderbuss to destroy a slime, this mod will provide tremendous amounts of fun.
It has a series of 7 melee weapons, 3 throwable weapons, 5 shootings weapons, a fire rod, a training dummy, and the magnificent cannon.
That’s a total of 17 weapons, and 1 miscellaneous object. All of thesethings can be crafted with logical crafting recipes. Keep in mind guys, Minecraft Forge is required install this mod. Like many mods this one is quite easy to use. Though there are a couple glitches still (as expected), this mod is definitely worth the try. So get out there an blow the living crap out of creepers, deface some zombies, smack some pigs with your bayonet, and wipe and vaporize an NPC village!

How to install

Click the Start Icon.
Go to C:/Users/(username)/Appdata/roaming/.minecraft
Open bin and you will see minecraft.jar (It may appear only as minecraft).
Open the folder using an archive software (the most popular are 7zip and WinRAR). To do this, right-click on minecraft.jar and hover to the Open With menu.
Copy the class files into this folder. Exit the folder once you have copied the class files.
Certain mods will require you to copy files into other directories.



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