Instant Structures Mod

Instant Structures Mod

The Instant Structures Mod that lets you place structures like a house by only one click.
This mod has also features like replace/place blocks in an specified area and create square.
At the moment there are over 150 complex structures, it also contains 3D Art.

How to install
Download the current Version of Instant Structures Mod.
Click the Start Icon.
Go to C:/Users/(username)/Appdata/roaming/.minecraft
Open bin and you will see minecraft.jar (It may appear only as minecraft).
Open the folder using an archive software (the most popular are 7zip and WinRAR). To do this, right-click on minecraft.jar and hover to the Open With menu.
Copy the class files into this folder. Exit the folder once you have copied the class files.
Certain mods will require you to copy files into other directories.


-fixed: 7 structures
-over-worked: the wiki
-added: new structures to wiki



98 Responses to “Instant Structures Mod”

  1. Emily

    when i try to build one it says ” place A structure ” but it is just blank What do i do?????

  2. dkni

    Downloaded for Forge 1.7.10 and can place the smaller old structures, but unable to place the mega structures (Minas Tirith etc…) just crashes the game when I right click while holding the icon for the structure. Am I doing something wrong? Tried dropping the item like it says in the tutorial and then right clicking on the ground, but this does nothing. Really stuck here, so any help would be great. Crash Report directly below this post

  3. Tracy

    I installed using the Instant Structures 1.7.2/1.7.10 – Installer (50 extra Structures!), went through the whole installation until the installer package came up with the Done… message. I opened Minecraft in forge for 1.7.10 but can’t find Wiki book – where do I find it?

    • MaggiCraft

      The wiki opens after you loaded a world. Furthermore you can find the item in the creative tab “Tools”, it has the texture of a book.

  4. Jamie

    I tried downloading the mod but it says that its not safe, and I really want this mod. I trust it but my computer doesn’t D:

    • admin

      Which anti-virus program is on your pc?
      Maybe Avira? It is a false detection, you can download it without any risk.
      Also you can use the direct link if you have problems with the installer.


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