Lucky Block Mod

Everyone wants to be lucky! Maybe find some extra change laying on the floor when you are walking, or just anything! People enjoy the fact of being lucky! Now bring that luck into minecraft! With regular mechanics of minecraft, they don’t incorporate a “luck” system. With Lucky Block, you now can have a chance of being lucking with minecraft. Using simple resources that is obtainable in minecraft, you can create the Lucky Block which can get you something better than you investing into the block itself. But the factor of luck can also give you something worst than you invested. To obtain the items from the Lucky Block, you simple break the box.

Along with the basic features of the lucky block mod, it also allows customization. To achieve this, you can go to configuration file (Where ever you saved it) and change the settings. You can create a new system with the config file. Creating higher chances of getting lucky, or making it harder to get lucky, it’s all up to you! This is a great feature that the mod offers, this gives your the control of the luckiness of the drops.
Good Luck with your drops, and hope you enjoy this mod as much as we did.


– Added support for Minecraft 1.8.
– Changed appearance of the Lucky Block
– Changed lucky tools, weapons and armor from gold to diamond. This is because gold didn’t allow for some ores to be harvested.
– Bob the zombie, covered in diamond armor, now drops his diamond items on death. Each item has a 50% chance of being dropped.


Regular Crafting


Adding Luck


Removing Luck
(Not Recommended)



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